Beauchief Golf Club, founded in 1925, functions independently of the owners of the course, Sheffield City Council, but works closely with them and with any course manager appointed by them. The current managers, Sheffield International Venues, can be contacted on SIV.

All golfers are welcome on a pay and play basis but all tee times are bookable (Choose The Course from the Menu above).

The Club has a philosophy of giving help and assistance to all golfers and, in particular, to the encouragement of young golfers.

Fifth Hole


For more information:

  • Aims sets out the philosophy of the club and contains a copy of the Constitution.

  • Officers lists the main responsibilities of the Officers and the Management Committee of the Club and also provides fuller details of the duties of the Men's Captain and the procedure to be followed to nominate a Vice-Captain for the year preceding his year in office.

  • AGM provides copies of the papers for the Annual General Meeting.

  • Etiquette sets out all aspects of how to behave on a golf course and provides guidance on the avoidance of slow play and on how to comply with the dress code.

  • Membership explains how you can apply to join and provides details of the Members' Golf Insurance included in the Annual Subscription renewal fee.

  • Events and Activities covers, in general, the events organised by the club. Further details of many events can be found from the appropriate entries on the Fixtures pages.

  • Handicaps are maintained for all club members. There are details of how to obtain a handicap and how it will be adjusted whenever a scorecard is submitted. Also here are details of the England Golf Central Database of Handicaps (CDH).

  • Scorecards - guidance on completion.

  • Competition Rules sets out the Rules for Men's and Ladies Competitions.

  • Affiliations has details of the golf unions to which the club is affiliated.

  • Links to Other Websites lists links to directories of golf courses and golf unions. Details of Open Competitions held locally.

  • Items of News 

  • Contact Us explains how to reach us.