The Central Database of Handicaps

Details of the scores and handicaps of every player are held centrally by the England Golf. This Central Database of Handicaps (the CDH) is updated whenever a competition is completed (home or away).

Every club will be able to access the handicap of every player so it will be possible for competition organisers to verify the latest handicaps of entrants to events, including whether they are Active or Inactive.

Every player has been allocated a CDH Lifetime ID (a 10 digit number). This is the key to the transfer of all competition playing records to and from the CDH. It is needed to enable club members with access to the Internet to view their details. And, it could well be requested by competition organisers to ensure that they can correctly identify a player.

Sixteenth Hole


Your CDH ID Number

ID numbers for Beauchief members are held on the club computer (or at your Home club if you are an Away player). Handicap Certificates now include your CDH Lifetime ID Number so, if you need your number then ask for a Handicap Certificate in the usual way: drop a request to the Committee Room letter box. The certificate will be placed in the Handicap Certificates Box in the Men's Locker Room or on the table in the Ladies Locker Room.

Using the CDH

The first step to view your own details is to register as a New User at the England Golf, Golf Central website. Click England Golf Central to connect, select  "New User?" and follow the instructions.

You will then be able to view your Golfer Profile. One of the choices within that is "My Details". For the moment, although this shows your latest handicap, it is clearly labelled as not being a handicap certificate. There was, however, within the original proposals for this scheme, a suggestion that it would later be possible to print your own handicap certificate - watch this space!

The Golf Central website can also be used without registering your CDH Lifetime ID number to check the details of golf clubs throughout the country. Click Golf Central to connect.