The Club organises a handicap system under the terms and conditions laid down by The Council of National Golf Unions. The current version is the "CONGU Unified Handicapping System, 2016-2018" - it remains in force until 28th February 2018. It is the only handicap that is officially recognised by the National Unions, their affiliated golf clubs and other worldwide handicapping authorities.

The complete rules can be viewed online or downloaded - click here (pdf file).

New members with an existing handicap transferring to the Club should ensure that they include their Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) number on the application form.

Fourth Green


Handicap Lists are available in:

  • The Results section - click here.

  • The Central Database of Handicaps Details of the scores and handicaps of every player are held centrally by English Golf Union Golf Central that can be accessed by every club and player. Click Golf Central for details.

  • How Did i Do website run by Club2000 who provide our handicapping and competitions software. Members can check their playing records and receive the results by email after playing in a competition - and much more. Click here to see how to register as a user.

  • On the Club Notice Boards

Handicap Certificates Members seeking a Handicap Certificate should first check whether they can get a copy from the HowDidiDo website - Click here to see how to register.
Failing that, please post a request in the Club letter box - certificates will be left in the locker room for collection. Please allow plenty of time as Committee Members might not be in attendance for as much as a week!

Supplementary Scores

The Handicapping System is based on the expectation that every player will return a sufficient number of competition scores to provide reasonable evidence of current ability. Supplementary Scores provide another way to submit scores. See paragraph 21 of the CONGU Rules.

A Member may return a Supplementary Score for handicapping purposes:

  • At the player's Home Club - or one where the player is a member.

  • Over 18 holes of Stroke Play or Stableford under Competition Play Conditions.

  • Be limited to the return of one per (Monday to Saturday) week and of ten per 12 month period from 1st March.

  • Must declare the intention to do so before playing:

    • For Men By entering his name on the competition entry sheet hanging outside the door to the Committee Room.

    • For Ladies By recording her name in the red sign-in book in the locker room.

  • There are limitations for players in handicap Category 1 (handicaps up to 5) - click the England Golf Rules link near the top of this page and check paragraph 21.4 (a).


For Men, New Members without a handicap will receive guidance on how to obtain one when they attend a New Members' Meeting as part of the application process.

  • They will need to submit three completed cards played from the tees of the day and marked by a Club Member. At least one card must be marked by a club member of more than two years standing.

  • In assessing a handicap, the Handicap Committee will count any score of more than 2 over par at any hole as 2 over par. The Standard Scratch Score (66 for the White tees, 65 for the Yellow) is subtracted from the resultant total to obtain the handicap. The lowest handicap so calculated is the one to be allotted. The maximum handicap for Men is 28 and for Juniors is 54. Some of the rules are modified for Juniors.

For Ladies, New Members without a handicap will receive guidance on how to obtain one when they attend a New Members' Meeting as part of the application process.

  • They will need to submit three completed cards marked by a Club Member acceptable to the Ladies Committee. At least one card must be marked by a member of the Ladies Committee.

  • In assessing a handicap, the Ladies Committee will count any score of more than 3 over par at any hole as 3 over par. The Standard Scratch Score (69) is subtracted from the resultant total to obtain the handicap. The resultant score must not exceed 114. The lowest handicap so calculated is the one to be allotted. The maximum handicap is 36.


Players may have only one handicap which shall be allotted and adjusted by their Home Club. If they are members of more than one club, they must notify each club of the name of their Home Club. They should seek the permission of each club for any intended change.

Official Handicaps are automatically void when a player ceases to be a member of an affiliated club.

On all Cards, players should enter

  • Name
  • Date
  • Competition
  • Tees Used
  • Current handicap
  • All 18 Gross Scores

All cards for qualifying competitions, whether or not complete, must be returned.

Scores (preferably a copy of the card) for rounds away from a playerís Home Club must be returned as soon as possible to the Home Club and must include: date, venue, CSS, and gross score or stableford points.


The Standard Scratch Score (SSS)

This is the score allotted to an 18 hole golf course and is the score that a scratch player is expected to return in ideal conditions.

The Competition Scratch Score (CSS)

This is an adjustment that may be necessary to the SSS to take account of weather and course conditions and is calculated for all Qualifying Competitions the entered scores from players in the event.

  • Handicaps are adjusted, if necessary, after each completed round. For this purpose only, the score for any hole which is more than 2 strokes above a nett par, or where no score is entered, is counted as 2 over nett par - the resulting total nett score is referred to as a Stableford Adjustment.

    • The Stableford adjusted score is then compared with the CSS to see whether it falls within the Buffer Zone: if so, no adjustment will be made.

    • Above the Buffer Zone, the exact handicap is increased by 0.1.

    • For every stroke below the Buffer Zone, the exact handicap is reduced by an amount which depends on the handicap of the player: 0.1 up to handicap 5; 0.2 handicaps 6 to 12; 0.3 handicaps 13 to 20; 0.4 handicaps 21 to 28; 0.5 handicaps 29 to 36.

    • The size of the Buffer Zone also depends on the player's handicap. For the four groups listed above, the Buffer Zones are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. The higher your handicap, the faster it is likely to come down! In some circumstances, for Juniors, the handicap reduction can be greater than 0.5 per stroke.

    • The Handicap Committee must review any case of a player returning two scores in a single year that, after all the adjustments above, are 4 or more strokes below CSS.

Competition Handicap

All players who have returned at least three qualifying scores (see below) in the 12 months to 1st March will have a Competition handicap valid until the following 28/29th February.

For players who have less than three qualifying scores at the end of February, the counter will be reset to zero and they will need three further scores to achieve the Competition status.

Those members meeting the minimum number of scores are identified with a "c" on their CONGU certificate and on handicap lists.

A "c" will be added to the playerís handicap as soon as three qualifying scores have been returned. A non-Competition Handicap is still valid and may still be used for social golf and in competitions not stipulating a Competition Handicap in the entry criteria.

Qualifying Events

An event is Qualifying for handicaps if:

  • All 18 holes are in play though up to two temporary greens are permitted

  • The course is no more than 100 yards shorter (or longer) than the measured distance total shown on the card for the tees in use on the day

At Beauchief, events held between November and March will normally be Non-Qualifying for standard handicap purposes but, for Men, these will use a Winter Handicap that will only apply for events entered during that period (click here for details)


At Beauchief, for our Major Menís Competitions, entries will only be accepted if the player has a Competition Handicap and has returned at least 4 Beauchief individual competition cards since 1st January of the previous year. Check the number of cards you have and whether you have a Competition Handicap - click here

For Ladies Trophy Competitions in any one year, entries will only be accepted if the player has returned at least 6 Beauchief individual competition cards in the 12 calendar months ending on 31st March of that year.

There will be no other Beauchief events where these conditions will be applied as we wish to give players without Competition handicaps every opportunity to return the three qualifying scores they need to gain active status.

At Open Events elsewhere, players without a Competition Handicap are highly likely to be excluded or be unable to qualify for any prizes. So, if you intend to play in any of these, you should first ensure that you complete three qualifying competitions to gain Competition Handicap status.


See the England Golf and The Council of National Golf Unions websites for more on handicaps.