You can see how scores cards should be completed by clicking on the sample cards here.

As a recognised Golf Club affiliated to England Golf (the body that has taken over from the English Golf Union and the English Women's Golf Association), the Competitions Committee must operate within the Rules of Golf of the R&A that relate to the completion and return of score cards.

Thirteenth Green


The basis of those Rules is that the card must:

  • show clearly the:

    • Player’s Name (as on the Handicap List)
    • Handicap under which the round was played
    • Name of the Competition
    • Tees used
    • Date the round was played.

  • At Beauchief, we normally ask players to complete these details themselves but, if the card is prepared in advance by the Committee, it is for the player to ensure that they are correct.

  • show clearly (readably) the correct Gross Score for Each Hole and that this has been entered in the Correct Column.

  • be Signed by both the Player and the Marker (whose name should be printed alongside the signature).

The penalty for failing to meet any of these requirements is Disqualification from the competition.

Where two (or more) players form a team, then only the score that is to count for each hole must appear on the card – in the correct column for that player. Only one of the team has to sign the card.

Although the Rules do not require players to complete other parts of the score card, the Competitions Committee encourages players to total columns and to insert Stableford points in such competitions.

Card markers may only use the left hand column for their scores.

Medal (Stroke Play)
(Men & Ladies)


Better Ball Stableford (Men)


Better Ball Stableford (Ladies)


If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print the sample cards, then you can download a copy by clicking here: Get Adobe Reader