History of the Club

Beauchief Golf Club was founded by 20 members at a meeting held on Saturday 14th March 1925.

The very first "clubhouse" was a wooden shack on the Abbeydale Road side of the railway lines in what was then the grounds of the Beauchief Hotel.

The Professionals

Some of the professionals were long-term occupants of the role.


The following items might be of interest. They appeared in the minutes of General Meetings and the Management Committee
1925A founder group of twenty golfers met on 14th March 1925 to consider the question of forming a club. As a result, the Club was established with the first subscriptions being due on 1st April 1925. Beauchief became a member of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs (SUGC) in June 1925. A separate Beauchief Thursday Golf Club was merged with the main club at an EGM on 19th September 1925.
1926The first Annual General Meeting was held on 26th February 1926.
1927Several of the main competitions were already running, including the Captain's Prize (presented by R A Pitt), the Priestley Cup (by W & E Priestley on 29th November 1926) and the Pye Cup (by J W Pye on 10th February 1926). Beauchief Ladies Golf Club was formed as an independent club on 14th June 1927 - though they were required to pay an affiliation fee to Beauchief Golf Club! Tom Gillies was the professional.
1928The Ladies proposed the joining of the two clubs but the Men rejected this. Agreed to appoint those who had given good service to the Club as "Patrons" (=Life Members). Changed year ending to 30th September with dinner and prize-giving in October or November. First running of the Club Meeting but round two had to be replayed because the course was in a "congested state".
1929The Ladies tried again, this time successfully. The Walker Cup (presented by W Walker on 9th December 1929) was originally for a New Year's day competition. Ladies Autumn Meeting, Captain's Prize and Barlow Bowl all running by now. Scratch Medal started. SUGC to be asked to allocate a Scratch Score (=SSS) to the course - meanwhile, the "Scratch Score" (=CSS) for each event was determined by the Committee. Tom Gillies elected a Life Member. Rule changes mostly to adjust to the new year-end date.
1930Tom Gillies (Professional) with H Evans and A M Foster, tied for the SUGC Turner Shield (with Hallows and Lees Hall). Mixed Foursomes event arranged. Ladies first refused a request for the purchase of a Trophy for a yearly competition but later granted funds for one. Competition held to raise money for the Trafalgar Street Fire Fund. This had occurred in Sheffield on 16th January 1930. A widow and her daughter were trapped and died, leaving 5 other children. AGM October 1930 but the minutes have been torn from the record book!
1931Placing on the fairways introduced in winter: a practice that has continued ever since though sometimes with teeing up. Club Trophy purchased (£14.10.0) on 23rd July 1931. Sheffield Parks Committee to be asked to permit golf on Sundays. AGM October 1931 agreed that, from then on, the Vice-Captain would automatically be the Captain in the following year. H Evans was the Runner-up of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Amateur Championship.
1932Photo of the late R A Pitt to be placed in the clubhouse. Beauchief became a member of the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs in February 1932. Most Improved Player Prize introduced (biggest handicap reduction in the season). Charity Competition for the Centenary of the Royal Hospital, who presented a Miniature Cup. The Ladies sought to sever connections with the Club and to run the Ladies Section independently though the Club would retain ownership of their trophies! Agreement was reached in January 1933 though once again the Ladies had to pay an affiliation fee. AGM October 1932 appointed a Deputation to the Town Hall to complain about the deplorable condition of the course.
1933Deputation concerning the state of the course to the Golf Sub-Committee of the Sheffield Corporation January 1933, supported by a petition signed by 112 members. They were "received with sympathy" and promises of action that were apparently implemented. Steps begun to obtain a Scratch Score (SSS) of 68 for the course. Councillor H E Bridgwater elected an Hon. Member. No action on a movement to obtain Sunday Golf until sanctioned by a General Meeting. EGM July 1933 to progress the submission of the request, and a 1,055 name petition, to the Parks Committee for Sunday golf, jointly with Tinsley Park Golf Club. But the Parks Committee and, later the City Council, refused to make the change.
1934First request to the Parks Committee for the provision of a clubhouse met with sympathy in December 1933 - it was under construction by the 1934 AGM and officially opened by the Lord Mayor on 11th April 1935. It was built at an estimated cost of £4,200. New 7th and 8th holes in play - now numbered 12 and 13. Yorkshire Union allocate a Scratch Score (SSS) of 67 (the Club had proposed 68) but at the same time it was agreed to accept the 69 allocated by the EGU. Only a month later the Yorkshire Union agreed to 70. At the Annual Dinner in November 1934, the Deputy-Lord Mayor predicted that the municipal courses would have Sunday golf before long (but he was wrong!).
1935City Council to be asked to rescind the "bye-law" prohibiting the playing of four-ball matches on Saturdays: quietly agreed without mention of any bye-law change. Further pressure, jointly with Tinsley Park, on the Parks Committee for Sunday golf. AGM October 1935 was the first to be held at the clubhouse (at this time it was called the Golf Pavilion).
1936Suggestion for a Thursday competition. Introduction of third party insurance for members. Scratch score (SSS) set to 69 by the English Union but the Bogey (Par) left at 70. Changes to the method of subscription to the YUGC rebuffed with a threat of withdrawal from the Union - who then withdrew their proposed scheme. Sunday play once again raised with the Parks Committee who again refused. A typewriter was purchased.
1937Sunday golf again refused by the Parks Committee. A press campaign was planned.
1938A suggestion that Lady members be allowed to mark Men's cards on Thursdays was rejected. Thursday competitions were then discontinued through lack of interest. Sunday golf raised yet again. Abbey Shield Mixed Event Trophy presented by C Dixon in February 1938.
1939Letter to the Parks Committee regretting the decision to close Tinsley Park Golf Course (which appears not to have happened). Members called for conscription to the armed forces to be invited to become Honorary Members during their year of conscription (this "year" turned out to be much longer for many!). When home on leave their green fees would be paid by the Club: a practice that was continued throughout the war (it was ended in July 1945). The Committee, AGM and other meetings in September and October were held away from the clubhouse - perhaps because the building was being used for some war purpose? Sunday golf plea once again reported in the press.
1940The Lord Mayor and other Councillors and Aldermen were thanked for their decision, taken on 3rd January 1940, to allow Sunday play: a charity event was held on Sunday 7th January in celebration. There was the start of a decision to give relief when a ball strikes a post installed for "National Defence" purposes - but it was then struck from the record. It reappeared in 1942 when relief was given. Events were held, and other donations were made, in support of a number of war-related charities throughout the war. It was suggested that the greens should be equipped with sprinklers fed from the ponds and some action was taken by the Parks Department during the following year.
1941No social functions would be attempted apart from the entertaining of wounded soldiers. The Secretary/Treasurer would not be held responsible for any loss of Club money incurred during an air raid. Ladies were reminded not to wear high-heeled shoes on the course. Rationing caused problems for the catering staff.
1942Only a few weeks after his election, the Captain was called up to serve in the Royal Navy and was absent for much of his year of office. The Parks Committee were asked not to close the locker room earlier than black-out time but lighting was not sought. A rise in membership was partly attributed to members of private clubs joining because they couldn't obtain the petrol to drive further. At the suggestion of the Council, competitions were arranged, this year and in succeeding war years, for the "Holidays at Home" programme. The Bridgewater Cup (now competed for in a Rabbits event) was awarded.
1943The Club was asked if it could provide golfing facilities to "our American Allies" whilst on leave.
1944In September, the Parks Manager was asked to remove the Defence Posts on the course. It's not clear to what this referred but Defence Posts were often gun emplacements sited on or near the perimeter of open spaces from which an arc of fire could be brought to bear on planes attempting to land. For the AGM in October 1944, the invitation promised that a special celebration might be arranged if, as seemed likely, hostilities in Europe would soon end. It was later decided to run a competition run on VE-Day 1 (ie on Wednesday 9th May 1945). That same meeting agreed to raise the maximum handicap from 22 to 24. There was an Extraordinary General Meeting in December 1944 to address the dissatisfaction of members with the clubhouse amenities. There was a need for a room for social amenities. There was the possibility of leasing land to build their own (licensed) clubhouse or to try elsewhere if the Council didn't help.
1945The Council refused to agree to the demand for club premises.
1947A further request to the Council for greater amenities for members. Club "re-joined" the Yorkshire Union though it's not clear when it had left!.
1948A request to the Council to meet and discuss matters that would benefit the Club. Tinsley Park also to be involved.
1949The Council agreed to make improvements to the inadequate accommodation, including poor lighting in the locker room. The Club sought to form a new sub-committee of the Council but this was ruled impossible under laws governing Council business.
1950Silver Jubilee Year. Dinner Dance held at the Cutler's Hall Tuesday 14th November 1950. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress were invited. The Cutler's Hall was used for the following two years. W G Lockett was the Runner-up for the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Veteran's Championship: the first year it was held.
1952B Hutchinson was the Runner-up for the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Junior Championship.
1953Dixon Bowl (Mixed Foursome) presented by C Dixon in March 1953.
1955F Witham was the winner of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Veteran's Championship.
1956Beauchief tied with Dore & Totley for the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Turner Shield.
1957The Club provided thirty stewards to man the 14th hole at Lindrick for two of the Ryder Cup match days. M Laird was the joint Runner-up for the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Veteran's Championship.
1959SGM August 1959 for new Competition Rules.
1960R Howarth was the Winner of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Junior Championship.
1962A trophy was purchased in April 1962 to remember the long service of Leon Allen. He was a founder member of the Club and was Captain in 1935. He was still on the Committee, as one of the Vice-Presidents, when he died in June 1964 after 39 years of work for the Club. It was decided that the trophy should be awarded to the winner at the Club Meeting: 2012 was the 50th anniversary of its presentation. Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Turner Shield.
1964The Professional, Tom Gillies, retired in May. A collection was made and he was presented with a cheque for £110 in June 1964. He had been the Professional probably since the Club was established - a service of 39 years. His death was recorded at the AGM in 1970. The new Professional was David Clay.
1966Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs J H Aitchison Trophy.
1967The Club proposed to the SUGC that they should form a League amongst all the clubs in the area. Beauchief were one of the founder teams, and were the winners of their division, in this first season. J Wood won the Yorkshire Union Of Golf Clubs Boys Championship at Halifax West End GC.
1968Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Inter-Club Foursomes Medal.
1969Brian English joined as Professional (or perhaps late in 1968?). EGM in April 1969 to: vary the end of the financial year (to August from September); change the AGM date to September; increase the Entry fee; and to modify the list of acceptable September competitions.
1971Request to the Recreation Department for a licensed bar.
1974David Dunk was the winner of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Open Championship. He won again in 1983 when he was based at Renishaw Hall.
1975EGM September 1975 overturned an increase of subscriptions agreed at the previous AGM.
1978Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Junior Team Inter-Club Championship.
1981Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Turner Shield.
1982Dinner Dance November 1982 at the Omega - starting a longstanding tradition that continued until 2017.
1983Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs J H Aitchison Trophy.
1985An automatic greens watering system was installed. Peter Tankard was the Runner-up for the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Stroke Play Championship. The Club celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a competition held on 11th August.
1986EGM October 1986 led to the expulsion of a member.
1987Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Inter-Club Knockout Foursomes, the NAPGC Junior Team Championship of England and Wales and the NAPGC Ellis Cup.
1993Brian English left the post of Golf Professional after 25 years service. Tony Highfield took over on a part-time basis with Tinsley Park. A computer (the first) was purchased for the management of handicaps and competitions. Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs J H Aitchison Trophy.
1994Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs J H Aitchison Trophy.
1995Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs J H Aitchison Trophy.

E G (Ted) Culver was elected as President of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs: the only year for which a Beauchief member has held the post.
1999E Milne, T McCann, S Cranmer and S Gothard won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Queen's Jubilee Charity Trophy. Mark Trippett was appointed the Professional towards the end of the year.
2005Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs 2nd Teams Competition.
2006Beauchief won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs 2nd Teams Competition.
2010R Dodge, B Dodge, I Buckley and S Froggatt won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Queen's Jubilee Charity Trophy. Adam Pickles was the Runner-up of the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Amateur Championship.

J and S Froggatt won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Turner Shield.
2013S Froggatt and R Mackay won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Turner Shield. Mark Trippett, the Professional, died in June, just weeks before his 40th birthday. Wayne Yellott took over for both Beauchief and Tinsley.

L Rhodes won the Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs Junior Champion of Champions Trophy.

J Froggatt, who began golf here as a junior and then completed his qualification as a professional, left to become the assistant at Hallamshire Golf Club.

E G (Ted) Culver, the longest serving President of the Club, died 2nd November after 42 years as a member.
2018Ian & Paul Buckley and Brian & Ross Dodge won the SUGC Inter-Club Foursomes Medal played at Wheatley Golf Club on 22nd April.
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