Preferred Lies and Use of Fairway Mats

Current wet/muddy course conditions now mean that balls frequently pick up mud and lies are extremely inconsistent. Therefore, in an attempt to make a round of golf a little more pleasurable in these circumstances, as well as an attempt to minimise further course damage, we have taken the decision to extend the Preferred Lies Local Rule to ANYWHERE IN THE GENERAL AREA. We are also allowing the use of Fairway Mats at any time. The full ruling can be viewed on notice boards outside the clubhouse or by clicking below.

In brief, you may clean and place within 6 inches (no nearer the hole) anywhere except Grass Teeing Areas, Bunkers, Penalty Areas and Putting Greens.

Grass Teeing Areas are Ground Under Repair

This Temporary Local Rule remains in operation whilst Winter Mats are in use. It will be removed when Grass Teeing Areas are reinstated.

All Grass Teeing Areas are declared as Ground Under Repair and full relief MUST be taken should your ball come to rest on one. 

Preferred Lies in Bunkers

Whilst Covid-19 regulations continue to prohibit the use of rakes in bunkers, this rule will remain in force. Twice weekly raking of bunkers has been promised by green staff as well as other essential maintenance.

In short, a ball lying in a bunker can be played as it lies OR can be placed within 6", no nearer the hole, still in the bunker. No smoothing of the bunker is permitted whilst taking this free relief but it is expected that players make best efforts to smooth their tracks after playing their shot. 

Flagsticks Must Not be Removed

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, and in accordance with official guidance from both the R & A and England Golf, all flagsticks must remain in the hole and not be touched or removed during the course of play. The usual option to putt with the flagstick in or out of the hole is hereby withdrawn until restrictions permit otherwise.

For a first offence, the General Penalty (2 strokes or loss of hole) will apply for a breach of this Temporary Local Rule. Any subsequent offence will result in Disqualification.

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