Covid-19 Competition Guidelines

We have been required by SCT to produce a document with guidelines for how we will conduct competition play, taking into account all the requirements from the Government, England Golf, the R&A and other golfing bodies. These are all concerned with ensuring the safety of you, your playing partners, other golfers and all SCTstaff. 

This document has been approved by SCT and consequently we are now able to restart competitions in July. Please ensure you follow these guidelines. They are stated in full below and a pdf copy can be downloaded by clicking the link.


The safety of all golfers, SCT staff and greenkeepers is paramount. The following guidelines MUST be adhered to by all Club Members in accordance with Government and Covid-19 guidance.

Arrival at the Course

You must have a pre-booked tee time.

Remain in your car until 15 minutes before your tee time.

The Clubhouse must remain closed until further notice.

Practice facilities are open.

Use HowDidiDo to Sign In to the Competition PRIOR TO PLAYING. You can do this from your mobile phone, home desktop, laptop, or iPad (See instructions below).

Report to the Pro shop, queuing if necessary, with no more than 2 customers inside at any one time.

Use the hand sanitiser available at the entrance and wear a mask inside.

Do NOT touch the PSI. If you have not already signed into the Competition, the Pro shop staff will do it for you.

Maintain 2 metre social distancing AT ALL TIMES.

Scorecards are being issued by the Pro Shop.

If an Entry Fee for the Competition is payable, it will be charged to your Competition Account at Sign In and collected at a later date.

Most Competitions will be Qualifying for handicap purposes.

Playing Your Round

Do NOT touch or shake hands with your playing partners at any time.

Do NOT remove or touch any flagsticks, fairway marker posts or other course furniture.

Do NOT touch any other balls, tee pegs or equipment except your own.

Do NOT exchange or touch any other score cards than your own.

Record your own gross scores in column A AND those of your marker in the marker column.

Balls are deemed “holed” if any part of the ball lies in the hole below the level of the green surface. NO gimmes!!

On completion of your round do not congregate but leave the course and course site promptly, having agreed your scores with your marker. Sign your own card and print the name of your marker (their signature is currently NOT required).

Please retain your card so that, if required for subsequent verification purposes, you could submit a copy electronically to the competition administrator. It can be destroyed after one week.

Use HowDidiDo to Sign In to Competitions and Submit Scores

Most members entering competitions already have a HowDidiDo account. If you have not, then registration is a very simple process at and only needs doing once. Also, the HowDidiDo app can be downloaded onto your mobile phone from the usual sources.

Log into your account, either on a desktop, laptop, iPad or using the mobile HowDidiDo app. Club Systems have designated this software option as Mobile Score Input (MSi).

Select the header Today’s Golf and then Sign In. The Competition will be displayed so confirm your entry by selecting the Sign In box.

After your round, log into your HowDidiDo account again by your chosen method. Go to Today’s Golf again, the Score Entry. Select the competition and enter your scores using the + and – keys, checking your totals before finally confirming.

Score entry MUST be completed on the day of the competition, by 23:59 at the latest. Failure to input a score will be investigated.

Even if you have a NR on any hole(s), you MUST still enter the remaining scores correctly. We will not accept a string of zeros!! This is important as it will affect your Handicap Index on the WHS.

NOTE: Casual Rounds (previously Supplementary Scores) must follow the same procedure as competitions. They can also utilise HowDidiDo for Sign In and Score Entry. NO Supplementary Scores will be accepted on any day when a Competition is running that you are eligible to enter.

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