Details of how to obtain a handicap, and how to seek a Handicap Certificate, are given in the Club section of this site: choose Handicap Information

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Lists of Handicaps, and much more, are available on the website. In due course, that will be the only way to check your own handicap online. If needed, you can then print your own Handicap Certificate. You can always check your handicap at the score entry terminal in the clubhouse. 

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Eleventh Hole


Winter Handicaps

All men’s competitions from about 1st November to 31st March (or before Easter if that is earlier) are non-qualifying for normal CONGU Handicap purposes. Then winter Handicaps will be removed and CONGU Handicaps reinstated. General Play adjustments may then be made, especially for any player showing a significant reduction through the winter. For most players winter competition handicaps will reflect winter performance but will not affect summer (CONGU) handicaps.

The details are:

• Winter Handicaps are recorded separately and do not update the Central Database of Handicaps.

• Ladies are excluded as all their winter competitions are non-qualifying (and limited to 16 holes)

• All men’s competitions (including knockouts) will use Winter Handicaps

• Your starting Winter Handicap will be your end of October closing CONGU Handicap

• Both normal and winter handicaps are displayed here and in your record on the PSI screen where it will always be up-to-date

• Your official CONGU Handicap MUST still be used in any away competitions.

• Most Winter Competitions will be qualifying for Winter Handicap purposes irrespective of the number of temporary greens

• Winter Handicaps will be adjusted when a Winter Competition is closed. The CSS will always be shown as the course SSS

• Scores below par will normally produce a reduction in your Winter Handicap

• Order of Merit points will be awarded for monthly medals and knockouts as normal

• Results still show in HowDidIDo but won’t alter your CONGU handicap