HowDidiDo is a database held by Club2000, the software suppliers to Beauchief Golf Club. It holds details of many golf clubs and, for Beauchief, the playing records of all members.

You can analyse your game and compare your performance with other players in the Club or across all of the millions of rounds recorded in the HowDidiDo system.

You need to register in HowDidiDo before you can check your Handicap or your Competition Results.  It's a free service that includes notification of your results by email.

Click the logo to access the HowDidiDo website. Then follow the onscreen instructions to log-in or to register as a user.

Beauchief Abbey


Handicap Certificates Once you have registered as above, you can print a copy of your Handicap certificate. On the HowDidiDo site, click  My Golf, then My Handicap, then Certificate.


HowDidiDo has a Forum for the discussion of Beauchief Golf Club issues. Linked to that is Friends section where you can keep in touch with your chosen contacts within the Club. The very first message there is suggesting that we could use the Forum to find golfing partners. No doubt there are plenty of other ideas we could suggest. Why not try it now?


As you use more of the HowDidiDo system, you'll see that it can provide most of the result and handicap details that are available on this website. For the moment, we'll ensure that all those will also remain here but in due course we will review the need to maintain them.

There are, of course, many pages here that will not be duplicated by HowDidiDo. Examples are the Photo Gallery, Fixtures, Knockouts, Merit Point Tables and all the pages of general advice and information: they will remain.