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Welcome to Beauchief Golf Club - Founded in 1925

Welcome to Beauchief

Beauchief Golf Club, founded in 1925, functions independently of the owners of the course, Sheffield City Council, but works closely with them and with any course manager appointed by them. This is currently Sheffield City Trust. The Club has a philosophy of giving help and assistance to all golfers and, in particular, has large sections for ladies and seniors.
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It's worth checking the current news items under:
- The Club / Club News
- Golf / Forthcoming Competitions

The activities linked to the club centenary celebrations in 2025 are at:
- The Club / Centenary

Check The Club / Membership to see how to become a member of Beauchief Golf Club.

HowDidiDo - Register Now

HowDidiDo is where golf club members find all the information they need to take part in golf events.
Beauchief members must first Register to set up their Log In details. You need to do this if you can see the word Register (top right of screen) - click there.
- Enter your email address.
- Enter it again and then enter a password that you will use to Log In with.
- Repeat the password and that should take you to the next page.
- Tick the appropriate boxes and if all the details you have used are valid with our membership record, the system will send you an activation email.

Then follow the instruction in that email to complete your validation, following which you will be able to Log In to the site using your email address and password.

HowDidiDo - Personal Details

Once registered, please check your Contact Address and Contact Methods in Members Area / Member Details. If anything is incorrect please select Change Profile Details and complete the form - this will send us an email, so that we may update your details.
It's a good idea to update your online details regularly.

Please also click on Change Privacy Settings. This will allow you to select how other club members may contact you so we suggest that you allow at least one phone number. This information is strictly only available to registered members and is only to be used for the purposes of member interaction. Phone numbers are not displayed in the clubhouse so, for example, if you enter knockout competitions your opponents will need a way to contact you!!

HowDidiDo - for all the details you need

Lots of details about competitions, fixtures and results, knockout draws, your own personal performance, other members' handicaps and latest news flashes are held in HowDidiDo.
And you can sign-in there for many Beauchief competitions.
Once registered as above you should also register at It's free!
Click here

England Golf - Handicaps

All your competition playing records are held by England Golf under the Worldwide Handicap System (WHS). Scores are uploaded overnight so you always have an up-to-date record readily available online - or on your phone using the MyEG app. To register on this you will need your CDH ID number. Once you are a Beauchief member you can register online using the link here:
The website/app also provide access to the Course & Slope Rating for all other clubs. See The Club - World Handicap System for details.