Pace of Play

The R&A encourage us all to play "Ready Golf" in an attempt to speed up the pace of play. Players should play when they are ready (and it is safe to do so), rather than the "farthest from the hole plays first".

This does not apply in Matchplay but at all other times it's up to us all to play "Ready Golf":
- no Honour applies: play your shot when ready, and it is safe to do so.
- don't wait for players farther away taking time to assess their options.
- play your own ball before helping others to look for a lost ball.
- always play a provisional ball if you have any doubt about where your first shot landed.

When not playing your shot, you should be preparing to play it.

Shorter hitters play first from tee and fairway if longer hitters have to wait for the group in front.
Play your shot to the green if another player has played through the back and has not yet reached their ball.

Putt out:
- if another player is raking a bunker.
- even if it means standing close to someone's line (but not on it).

Mark scores immediately you arrive at the next tee (not by the previous green!), except that the first to tee off marks their card immediately after teeing off.

Most of us already do many of these things as they are all common sense but let's make sure we all do.

Searching for a lost ball is limited to only three minutes and players should take no more than 40 seconds to play a shot.

Always aim to keep up with the group ahead but if there is a clear hole in front of you then please let the group behind you through.