The Rules

World Handicapping System
The USGA and R&A have issued a single set of Rules providing a consistent measure of a golfer's ability and helping to enhance the enjoyment of the game for all who play, wherever they play. This is the World Handicapping System introduced in November 2020.

For more information on the WHS click The Club - World Handicap System.


Players may have only one handicap that is allotted by their home club. If they are members of more than one club, one must be nominated as their Home Club and the other(s) as Away Club(s). The player must notify each club of the name of their Home Club and should seek the permission of each club for any intended change of Home Club. Home Club is usually the one where most competitions are played.

New members with an existing handicap transferring to the Club should ensure that they include their CDH ID number (ten digits) on the application form. Official Handicaps are automatically void when a player ceases to be a member of an affiliated club.

New Members

A WHS Handicap Index may only be allotted to a member of a club affiliated to one of the National Unions. New Beauchief Members without a handicap will receive guidance on how to obtain one when they attend a New Members' Meeting as part of the application process.

Handicaps are designed to reflect a player's potential ability so once you are comfortable with your game you will need to submit three completed cards played from the tees of the day and marked by a Club Member. At least one card must be marked by a club member of more than two years standing (for Ladies, by a member of the Ladies Committee).

The maximum hole score for handicap purposes during your initial 54 holes is par plus 5. This adjustment will be made automatically within the handicap software. The maximum Handicap Index is 54.0

Handicap Records

Once you have a Handicap Index it will be visible on this website and on the WHS Platform that is accessible to all affiliated golf clubs.

You can also check your handicap and your playing records on the HowDidiDo website. Click Home on the menu above to see how to Register as a HowDidiDo User. You can also check your handicap at the Player Score Input (PSI) terminals in the Pro Shop and the Cafe, and on the MyEG App

Scores are recorded for all recognised individual competitions whether at Beauchief or in an event at another club. Any of these could lead to a change in handicap though not if the course fails the conditions for handicap purposes, perhaps because there are more than two greens out of action through bad ground conditions.

Your Handicap Index will change whenever you put in qualifying cards. It is based on the average of the best eight scores of your last 20 rounds.

Qualifying Scores

What are Qualifying Scores (QS)?
Individual Competitions (e.g. monthly medals, stablefords, open competitions at away courses). Better ball competitions and matchplay knockouts are not QS's.

Casual Rounds:
A means of submitting a score for handicap purposes preferably when a competition is not scheduled. Members are encouraged to take every opportunity to record scores in this way.

An event is Qualifying for handicaps purposes if:
- All 18 holes are in play though up to two temporary greens are permitted.
- The course is not significantly shorter (or longer) than the measured distance total shown on the card for the tees in use that day.
- At Beauchief, events held between November and March will normally be Non-Qualifying for handicap purposes.

At Beauchief, for our Major Men’s Competitions, Knockouts, Ladies Trophy Competitions and Mixed Competitions, entries will only be accepted if the player has a Handicap Index and has returned at least 4 Beauchief individual competition cards since 1st January of the previous year.

Adjustment of Handicaps

Adjustments are made automatically after each completed round.
For this purpose only, the score for any hole which is more than 2 strokes above a nett par, or where no score is entered, is counted as 2 over nett par - the resulting total nett score is referred to as a Stableford Adjustment.
The Handicap Committee will review players' handicaps annually and may make adjustments in cases of injury or other long-term player problem.