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England Golf

England Golf is the governing body for amateur golf in England.

The website link here provides much information and guidance. From that, there is a link to enable members of affiliated clubs to register and then to have access to further applications.

Once registered, the mobile phone application lets you see all your scores and how they are counting to your handicap calculation. You can check your playing handicap at other courses and see the handicaps of other golfer members both at Beauchief and at other clubs. You can enter your scores.

Click for the England Golf website.

WHS Certificates, Conversion Tables and Handicap Allowances

World Handicap System
Every registered golf club member has a WHS Handicap Index that is then converted to a Course Handicap that varies between golf courses and the different tees. Broadly this recognises the difficulty of the course being played. Copies of the Beauchief Course Handicap Conversion Tables can be viewed using the links below. These tables enable a player to convert a Handicap Index to a Course Handicap.

In competitions there is also a Handicap Allowance to take into account and that depends on the format of play. The table of these England Golf Mandatory Allowances (see the link below) converts your Course Handicap into a Playing Handicap for the competition and will, wherever applicable, be incorporated in the setup of each competition.

It is your responsibility, if you sign up to play in a Competition or a General Play round, to submit your scores the same day using HowDidiDo or the clubhouse PSI. Currently ALL scorecards should also be posted into the Committee Room letterbox.
Sign in MUST always be BEFORE playing. Scores submitted that do not comply with this Rule of Golf will be removed.
Failure to submit a score, having signed in, will result in a Penalty Score being applied to your handicap record.

Beauchief Course Handicap Conversion Tables
These tables, for White, Yellow and Red tees, are displayed on the notice board outside the committee room and at the approach to the first tee.

Click below to download a table.

Competition Handicap Allowance Table
This shows the Handicap Allowances that are mandatory for use in Competitions. This converts your Course Handicap into a Competition Playing Handicap for that competition.

The table is displayed on the notice board outside the committee room.

Click below to download the table.

Beauchief Course & Slope Rating Certificate
The Certificate for Beauchief.

Click below to download the certificate.

World Handicap System Training Material

These documents will download to your computer or phone:

England Golf WHS Privacy Notice

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