Inter Club Leagues

Sheffield Union Leagues

The Sheffield Union of Golf Clubs organises inter-club competition leagues for men.

The main league, playing matchplay off scratch with teams of four players, has been running since 1967 and there are 5 divisions each with up to 7 participating clubs. Home and away matches are played each summer with all other teams in the division. Fixtures are published for the season and most matches are held at 17:00 on Wednesdays. At the end of the season two teams from each division are promoted and two are relegated.

The Sheffield Union also organises a league aimed at men with handicaps of 6 to 18. Teams comprise 8 players, playing foursomes matchplay. There are 4 divisions each with 7 participating clubs. Matches are arranged between the clubs so there is no standard weekly match day across the league.

CLICK to see the fixtures, match results and league tables. Also there you will find the Rules and Regulations applying to each league.

Beauchief scratch team are presently in Division 4 and the 6-18 team are in Division 3.

Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Association

Beauchief ladies participate in two of the leagues organised by the Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Association.

League A - maximum Handicap Index of 25.4.

League B - Handicap Index from 18.5 to 36.4. Any player whose Index reduces below 18.5 having played in a B team match can continue to play in the B team matches for the remainder of that year using their new Handicap.

Each team has 7 players. Each league is divided into two divisions. Each season, the bottom six teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 and the top six teams from Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1.

In 2024, Beauchief is in Division 1 of League A and Division 2 of League B.

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