Etiquette is an essential part of the game of golf, so please:

Keep Moving
Do not play until the group in front is out of range.
Play without delay.
Avoid slow play at all times.
If searching for a ball, allow the group behind to play through.

Take care of the course:
Repair divots and pitch marks on greens.
Level sand before leaving bunkers.
No practice swinging on grass tees.

Maintain a reasonable standard of dress:
Shorts suitable for golf may be worn, but swimming trunks, running shorts and sleeveless vests are not permissible.
Do not remove clothing that could then cause offence to others.

Sharing of golf clubs is not allowed:
Each player must have a golf bag and at least four golf clubs.

Maximum number of players in any group is four.
A single player has no standing and must give way.

All play must start at the 1st Tee, cutting in is not permitted.

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