Local Rules

Local rules apply at all golf courses. At Beauchief all players MUST comply with those shown below plus any additional Temporary Local Rules that might apply from time to time (these will show under the menu header Course News):

1. Lost Ball
A ball is lost if not found and identified within 3 minutes after the player begins searching for it. Players may (and are encouraged to) play a provisional ball if there is the likelihood of a lost ball - before making that stroke, the player must announce that they are playing a provisional ball.

2. Out of Bounds (Rule 18)
A ball is out of bounds if it comes to rest:
Beyond any hedge, fence, wall, line of white posts or ditch bounding the course, including the ditch left of the 10th fairway; the wall separating the course from the Abbey Cemetery on the 4th hole; the safety netting and rope fence in front of the clubhouse; the line of white posts right of the 18th hole.
When playing the 5th hole only: beyond the line of white posts on the left running from the teeing area to the fairway and then along the left side of the fairway.
When playing the 6th hole only: beyond the line of white posts on the right-hand side of the fairway, running from the first post over the stream and ending at the course boundary hedge beyond the 7th teeing area.
When playing the 7th hole only: beyond the stream on the right as far as the line of white posts across the 8th fairway and then beyond that line.
On or beyond: the footpath in the wood above the 1st, 2nd and 3rd holes; the public road which divides the course; the car park; any path, patio or flowerbed by the club house; the path surrounding the 1st/17th grass teeing area.

3. Penalty Areas (Rule 17)
The areas of the course marked by red posts and all unmarked streams and ditches within the course boundaries are Red Penalty Areas allowing relief options including lateral. The pond on the 11th hole is a Yellow Penalty Area allowing relief options excluding lateral. A ball in a penalty area may be played as it lies without penalty or appropriate relief may be taken under penalty of one shot.

4. Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions) (Rule 16)
(a) Ground Under Repair is defined by an area encircled by ropes and/or white lines and/or “GUR”.
(b) Anything fixed which is artificial in the general play area is defined as an immovable obstruction, e.g. gravel paths, bridges, benches, waste bins, sprinkler heads, fairway marker posts, general course furniture, white posts defining internal out of bounds when playing holes to which they do not relate, winter tee mats and surrounds, bell posts. If a ball touches or is in or on an abnormal course condition, or an abnormal course condition physically interferes with a player’s area of intended stance or swing, free relief may be taken.

5. No Play Zones (Rule 2.4)
(a) Any area defined as a No Play Zone is to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief MUST be taken from interference by the no play zone (Rule 16.1f).
(b) The following are designated as No Play Zones: the practice bunker to the right of the 1st fairway; all staked trees; summer grass teeing areas, whether roped or not, when winter tee mats are in play; ground under repair.

6. Wrong Greens (Rule 13.1f)
(a) Complete free relief MUST be taken when a ball lies on a wrong green, or where there is interference by a wrong green.
(b) The following are designated as Wrong Greens: the practice green to the right of the 1st fairway; any putting green that has been replaced by a temporary putting green; all temporary putting greens except when designated to be in play; all putting greens except the hole being played.

7. Relief from Aeration Holes
If a player’s ball lies in or touches an aeration hole, free relief may be taken: (a) On the Putting Green under Rule 16.1d (b) In the General Area under Rule 16.1b

Penalty for Breach of a Local Rule
The General Penalty (Match Play - Loss of Hole, Stroke Play -Two Strokes)

The General Area is the whole area of the course except: (a) The Teeing Area (b) Bunkers (c) Penalty Areas (d) The Putting Green.

A printed version of these Local Rules may be downloaded below.