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Handicaps and other playing matters

Just to remind everyone about the new WHS handicap system and some of the changes that have been made from the old CONGU system.

Handicap Index - Your new Handicap Index (HI) will operate and be valid throughout the year. Previously we used to instigate a winter handicap system during the winter months when course conditions were poor. That system is no longer available to us.

Qualifying Scores - Whilst course conditions result in a number of temporary greens being in play, all competitions will be treated as non-qualifying for handicap purposes. Consequently no scores will be submitted to your WHS record until course conditions improve in the spring.

Casual Rounds - During the winter this option is switched off whilst the course is non-qualifying. We will notify you when this is reinstated - we will be encouraging members to submit Casual Round scores when no competitions are being played.

Colour of Tees - All Teeing Areas will be either White, Yellow or Red, irrespective of whether they are grass tees or winter mats.

Course Handicap - Conversion tables are available at all golf courses to show what your Course Handicap is, using your latest Handicap Index and the colour of tees you are going to play from. The resulting value (always a whole number) shows the number of shots you are allowed on the day. This is likely to vary if you play from different coloured tees and at different courses. It makes allowance for the degree of difficulty associated with different tees and courses. Course Handicap is to be used for all social play and not your Handicap Index.

Playing Handicap - There are now published Mandatory Handicap Allowances for all competition play and your Playing Handicap is a percentage reduction to your Course Handicap, depending on the format of play. Playing Handicap will always be rounded to the nearest whole number (.5 rounds up as before). A full list of the handicap allowances is on display but competitions will always be set up incorporating them. For example Individual Strokeplay (medal and stableford) is 95% whereas Individual Matchplay is 100%. Fourball Strokeplay is 85% and Fourball Matchplay is 90% of the difference from the lowest handicap player.

Slope and Course Rating - All golf courses now have a Slope Rating and a Course Rating for each colour of tees. The difference between your gross score and the appropriate Course Rating is what is added to your WHS handicap record. A daily Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) adjustment that reflects playing conditions on the day may be also applied.